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2024 Pirates of the High Seas Festival
October 10th-13th

KODY LANDSHARK - Pirates Of The High Seas Festival

More information coming soon about festival events and registration.

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Our annual ball is for our members or by invitation.  This event is open to invited guests, but must be sponsored by a member to attend.  Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a member of our Krewe of Dominique Youx please complete an application form.


Learn more about the history
of the soldier, privateer, and
politician, Dominique Youx

Dominique Youx was an associate of renowned pirate Jean Lafitte.  He was a soldier, politician and privateer who played a key role in the founding of our young nation. Notably, he fought alongside Andrew Jackson, defeating the British in the critical Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. Despite being arrested as a pirate, he was eventually pardoned and  served on the City Council. Upon his death, he was buried with full military honors. The Krewe of Dominique Youx celebrates his life and legacy, honoring his bravery and skill, while keeping the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition alive right here in Panama City Beach, FL. Our Mardi Gras festival has been named as one of the top ten Mardi Gras festivals in the US.  It’s a great time for all ages. 

Our Krewe began humbly more than three decades ago, with a handful of golf carts parading through Bay Point.  We are now a vibrant, active 185-member krewe with a beautiful, brand-new Float Den and party facility, as well as a fleet of eight fantastic parade floats of varying themes. Each year we host two elaborate formal balls and two festivals. We also participate in four local and four out-of-town parades, in addition to dozens of other smaller events that keep the festival spirit flowing year-round. An important part of the festivities is the selection of a Royal Court each year, led by our King as Captain Dominique Youx, along with his Queen and his court of six scurrilous pirates and their lovely princesses.

While this is always a great time for our members and a fun way to meet new people, we have a larger purpose. Our events promote tourism and bring lots of visitors to town, especially during the fall and spring, which boosts our local businesses. Through the KODY Foundation, our events also allow us to raise money for a wide variety of local non-profit organizations. We also rent out the activity room in the back of Barataria Bay (our “Float Den”) for meetings, parties, and other events. We’d love to host your group.

We welcome you to come to our festivals and parades for a unique, family-friendly experience. Of course, the best way to celebrate is to become a pirate yourself and join our band of rogues. More pirates means more mayhem, more beads, more fun!  ARRRGH!