The Krewe of Dominique Youx has a long & rich history in Bay County, Florida … stretching back 35+ years. There are lots of Traditions and extended activities we engage in, each of which makes us one of the premiere Mardi Gras Krewe experiences in the Florida Panhandle. We produce 2 extremely fancy balls every year (one in the early Spring, and one in the early Fall).

Mardi Gras Ball (Spring Ball)

The MG ball is a very fancy, formal ball where the guys wear their best Krewe Costume and the ladies wear formal evening gowns (no white dresses though, only the Queen can wear white). During cocktail hour, everyone is masked, and at the completion of which – we start the Royal Ceremony. Our currently serving Court are then retired with much respect. And then with great fan fair, we announce the incoming King & Queen plus their court (usually 6 Pirates & 6 Princesses). After the coronation, photos are taken, first dances are had … then the band cranks up & everyone joins in. A full Breakfast Buffet rounds out the evening.

Dominique Youx Ball (Fall Ball)

The DY Ball is a formal ball where the guys wear Black Tie Tuxedos and ladies wear formal evening gowns.  Happy Hour starts the night off with mingling & mixing.  An elegant dinner is served after the initial Baratarian Cup* presentation ceremony is complete.  Then we have live band entertainment & dancing after dinner.  This black-tie evening celebration is named the Dominique Youx Ball because we present a local, non-member dignitary with the “Baratarian Cup”, a Mardi Gras honor unique to Panama City. 

*NOTE:  The Andrew Jackson Baratarian Cup is awarded to a person, not a Krewe member, that has made outstanding contributions to our community.  As you can see, the list of past winners is a Who’s Who of Bay County community leadership.  The Baratarian Cup is awarded at the Dominique Youx Ball every fall, and this person serves as the Grand Marshall the following year at our Mardi Gras Parade.

Past Winners of the Krewe of Dominique Youx’s BARATARIAN CUP

1988 Gerry Clemons
1989 Tommy Thomas
1990 Holton Harders
1991 H. Mack Lewis
1992 Larry Dantzler
1993 M.G. “Bubber” Nelson
1994 Hy Wakstein
1995 Dr. Robert “Bob” McSpadden
1996 W. Deck Hull
1997 Barbara Cloud
1998 Jerry Smithwick
1999 Brother Si Mathison
2000 Jimmy & Johnny Patronis
2001 Bill Cramer
2002 Tommy Smith
2003 Larry Bland
2004 Charles Whitehead
2005 Allan Bense
2006 L. Charles Hilton
2007 Buddy DeFranco
2008 Karen Hanes
2009 Robert “Bob” Myers
2010 Joe Tannehill
2011 Linda Cope
2012 Richard Jackson
2013 Frank McKeithen
2014 Tom Neubauer
2015 Dr. Curtis Williams
2016 Mike Jones
2017 Comdr Jim Coupe
2018 Gayle Oberst
2019 Dan Rowe
2020 *** Covid 19 ***
2021 Leon Walters
2022 Dr. Tim Smith
2023 Lori Allen